All doses have high concentrations of OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) extract and MC (Major Capsaicinoids). The quality and balance of the OC mixture which we fill PHS with, is the most important component of the pepper spray and is our main competitive advantage and our greatest secret.


The active substance OC (oleoresin capsicum) is a completely natural substance extracted from special types of hot peppers.
OC affects the respiratory system, eyes, skin, mucous membranes and impairs motor skills. When exposed to this substance, the body reacts as if it was burnt. The part of the body that has come into contact with the active substance becomes red, irritated and will secrete fluid.Most of the symptoms mentioned disappear spontaneously after 15 minutes, and completely within 3 hours. The strength of symptoms depends on the concentration and the OC extract strength in the OC mixture. Since the concentration of OC is not a guarantee of the solution strength, we paid special attention to the concentration of MC (Major Capsaicinoids). Capsaicinoids are compounds that adhere directly to our receptors (TRPV-1) and the peppers cause heating up.
Therefore, a powerful spray that is effective must have a high MC concentration.
The pure OC has a % MC of 10%, which would be equivalent to 16,000,000 SHU.
PHS in this offer has strengths of 1.2% MC to 1.33% MC and concentrations of OC extract up to 13%, which includes PHS in the very top of the tear gas range. Laboratory testing (HPLC) has shown strengths of the extract of up to 2,445,000 SHU or % MC (major capsaicinoids) of up to 1,33%. By comparison, everything above 80,000 SHU is considered extremely hot.


Innovative technology for releasing the OC mixture from all positions. All our pepper sprays are equipped with the latest generation valves which enable reliable releasing of the OC mixture from all positions of the bottle.
In this way, we have eliminated the drawback that many pepper sprays have which makes them useless if the bottle is not upright during the operation.
PHS adapts to all conditions and not vice versa and therefore its efficiency and reliability is at the highest possible level.


The functional design of the security cap prevents accidental or spontaneous activation . In addition, the ergonomic design allows easy targeting of the attacker. It is also easier to use if you wear gloves. Special grooves on the inside of the security cap prevent finger slippage and secure pressure on the actuator.


Smaller canister volumes enable easy carrying and due to the high concentration and strength of the OC extract they are sufficient for repeated use. Our 40 ml and 50 ml bottles are ideal for personal use. The smaller bottle (40ml) contains an amount that is sufficient for an extremely hot jet for a minimum of 5 seconds of continuous use.


Due to high pressure filling, new valves and actuators and a carefully balanced OC mixture, we have developed a wide range of sprays. In our tests all PHS pepper sprays released the OC mixture at a distance of 6 meters. Based on this, we can guarantee the effectiveness of PHS at an attacker’s distance of at least 4 meters. The released jet proved to be the best compared to other forms of spraying in open air under windy conditions. This is also the main reason why we have all our pepper sprays equipped with actuators that release the OC mixture in the form of a jet, rather than a mist or foam.


Our OC mixture has HACCP, Halal and Kosher Certification and the extracts used are GMO free which ensures the safety and harmlessness of the product. Our OC is obtained by the extraction of several types of hot pepper extracts which adhere to the highest quality and purity standards and are completely natural. Only GMO free crops are used.
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